Despite domestic violence often involving physical blows, remarkably little is known about traumatic brain injury (TBI) among victims and survivors as well as the impact of TBI on health service need and use. To address this urgent gap, this project enrolls women seeking services for domestic violence at the Rose Andom Center into a two-session study; they have enrolled 43 women to date. Among the first 33 women interviewed, nearly all (94%) reported at least one head injury from an external blow to the head; and most women (64%) reported a period of time when they sustained multiple head injuries in a row, often due to abuse. Women reported an average of five current post-concussive symptoms (e.g., memory problems, concentration problems, headaches). Women reported significant health problems, including an average of more than eight physical health symptoms in the past year; half of women indicated limitations during moderate activities (e.g., cleaning, exercise) and 60% said they had limitations climbing several flights of stairs.