To advance systems, facilitate research, and assure support services for individuals with brain injury.


Enhanced quality of life for everyone in Colorado living with, or affected by, brain injury and their communities.

MINDSOURCE – Brain Injury Network (MINDSOURCE), operating under the CDHS, is the designated lead State agency on brain injury. MINDSOURCE fulfills that role through training, technical assistance and capacity building throughout Colorado

MINDSOURCE is dedicated to brain injury research, awareness as well as identification, understanding and support for all those affected by brain injury in Colorado. The Colorado Brain Injury Trust Fund is administered by MINDSOURCE and results from surcharges on a variety of motor vehicle convictions including Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Speeding and other moving violations.


The MINDSOURCE Team, from left to right:
Kelly Miller, Project Manager; Lina Kyle, Program Assistant; Erin Horner, Contracts Manager

“I appreciate the vision and technical assistance of MINDSOURCE to provide schools and school staff with essential tools so that youth with brain injuries can be supported and successful in the classroom.”

– Kathleen Patrick RN, Assistant Director, Health and Wellness, Colorado Department of Education