Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Client services for children, youth, and adults with brain injury are delivered through a contractor, the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC). In addition to free case management support, children and youth can also receive education consultation to address school-related challenges resulting from brain injury. Please visit their website for more details and to get connected.
BIAC reports monthly, mid-year, and annually to MINDSOURCE on their contracted activities:

Monthly & Mid-year Dashboard Data

Annual Reports

Colorado Department of Education

In addition to services provided by BIAC for all ages, MINDSOURCE has an Interagency Agreement with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The focus of this agreement is to build the capacity of school district personnel and community providers to better support and serve children/youth with brain injury.
CDE reports annually to MINDSOURCE on these activities:

Client Services Logic Model

MINDSOURCE worked closely with a contractor and a group of stakeholders, including those with lived experience, to identify the individual and community level outcomes MINDSOURCE is hoping to achieve through service coordination, skill building, education consultation, and classes/workshops. This included 20 interviews and one focus group to gather expert input; three work sessions with a subset of key stakeholders to draft and finalize the logic model after follow-up with the larger stakeholder group for feedback on the draft. This resulted in a logic model that includes the context, external factors, assumptions, guiding principles, client service activities (client and systems/community level), outputs, short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes.