Goals / Objectives

To introduce members to the group and facilitate a conversation about their current understanding of concussion and its related symptoms. In this meeting, you will:

  • Designate group rules and explain the purpose of curriculum.
  • Facilitate psychoeducation on concussion symptoms and symptoms recognition. 
  • Begin a conversation on utilizing memory aids, getting into good memory habits, and learning skills.
  • Identify skills for coping with symptoms and the situations that trigger them.

TIME: The entire session should last for approximately 60-90 minutes.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: A minimum of four participants is suggested.

Activities / Content

Introductory Activities (PDF)

Content (PDF)

  • Current Understanding of TBI (5 min)
  • Symptom Questionnaire (15 min)
  • TBI Symptom Education (15 min)
  • 4-7-8 Breath Relaxation Exercise (2-3 min)
  • Symptom Recognition (10 min)

Group Activity (PDF)

  • Discussion of Symptoms (15 min)

Reflection / Homework (15 min) (PDF)



All handouts/forms will need to be provided. Provide enough copies of handouts/forms for all participants and facilitators. Extra copies can be provided as needed for parents, teachers, probation officers, therapists, etc. Also, be sure to provide enough food/candy for all participants.


Write the following module outline on the white board:

  • Structure, icebreaker, and topic
  • Current understanding of concussion
  • Concussion symptom education
  • Break
  • Symptom recognition
  • Group activity
  • Reflection

This curriculum uses the word ‘concussion’ but some people will better recognize or respond to ‘brain injury.’ Plan to adjust terminology as necessary.