MINDSOURCE – Brain Injury Network (MINDSOURCE) falls under the Office of Community Access and Independence (OCAI) at the Colorado Department of Human Services. OCAI’s new office director brings broad disability background including service provision to people with brain injuries. In addition to overseeing MINDSOURCE, Webb is responsible for  three Division of Regional Center Operations throughout the State of Colorado, five Veterans Care Living Centers throughout the State, the Office of Aging and Adult Services, the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council, the Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities, the Colorado Blind, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing Program, as well as the Division of Disability Determination Services.

Yolanda has served in human service roles for more than twenty years, as well as being an entrepreneur and owning and operating her own successful business for more than ten years. Yolanda has worked in the areas of intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavioral health, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, children and youth services, education, senior and elder care services and has risen through the ranks in each from behavior specialist, case manager, program director to deputy director and chief executive officer. 

Yolanda is the author of five books and holds a master’s degree in Humanities from Xavier University in Cincinnati. She is a leadership skills trainer and holds to a philosophy of person-centered, wrap around services for those we serve. As a Behavior Specialist, Yolanda worked with individuals with significant behavioral challenges resulting from dual diagnoses, TBI to Autism. She served on a committee in the early 1980’s in Ohio to help formulate public policy in the use of behavioral interventions for children and adults. 

“Working alongside some of the nation’s foremost subject matter experts in traumatic brain injury here in Colorado is an honor,” said Webb.  “Together, I believe we can move the needle on services and supports for individuals and families impacted by TBI in the State of Colorado.” Webb stated that she sees MINDSOURCE helping the state set public policy, drive legislation for those with traumatic brain injury, and secure funding in order to support research.  “I believe MINDSOURCE, as both a program (not a direct service provider) and Colorado’s public policy leader, could help set the standards of best practice throughout the State of Colorado in so many areas and in the lives of those with brain injury (including children and adults).”