MINDSOURCE has just announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunity for programs supporting research related to the treatment and understanding of brain injury.  Competitively selected, Colorado-based institutions and researchers will receive funding in July 2019 for up to two years and awards range from $50K-$300K.

The goals of the Trust Fund Research Grant Program include: 1) facilitation of the acquisition and advancement of new knowledge regarding brain injury 2) improvement of the evidence base upon which the care of persons with brain injury is predicated, and 3) encouragement of the development and growth of the brain injury research field in Colorado.

Three types of opportunities are available: Basic Science, Clinical Science and Health Outcomes, and New Investigator.  The latter category is intended to promote new researchers in the field of brain injury.

A link to the state’s RFP instructions for accessing the announcements on Vendor Self Service (VSS) is posted on the Grants page of the MINDSOURCE website:¬†mindsourcecolorado.org