The team has begun enrolling participants in a randomized clinical trial investigating the effect of early sub-symptom aerobic exercise on psychosocial outcomes, and monitoring participants for the subsequent two months. Data thus far indicates a beneficial effect of early exercise on persistent post-concussion symptoms and anxiety, relative to standard-of-care. However, these data are preliminary and the team requires an additional year of participant enrollment and data collection to ensure the study aims are achieved, and they are appropriately powered to disseminate any of our findings. Given the restrictions to in-person clinical research imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have begun implementing methods to switch to remote/telehealth examinations when possible, and to ensure social distancing and reductions in person-to-person contact when this is necessary. Upon re-activation authorization, they will continue to enroll, but only perform necessary in-person assessments (e.g. aerobic exercise testing) in a safe manner (social distancing, no patient overlap, appropriate personal protective equipment), while all other assessments (e.g. questionnaires) along with the informed consent procedures will be performed remotely.