MINDSOURCE and its partners with the University of Denver, the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, the Department of Judicial as well as Denver and Boulder County Jails are featured in a recently released feature article, Traumatic Brain Injury and Incarceration – Ending a Vicious Cycle.  The article features the stories of Vinny, Matthew, Thomas, and an anonymous, 51-year old female — all of whom have recognized their personal struggles with brain injury and, more importantly, the strategies that can help them be more successful in their day-to-day lives.  Read the article and listen to personal stories here: U.S. News and World Report

A complementary article, Colorado Jail Helps Inmates Who Have Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries, highlights newly developed skills and understanding of brain injury on the part of a veteran injured while deployed in Iraq whose struggles led to incarceration at the Boulder County Jail: Colorado Jail is Helping Inmates

Kim Gorgens, PhD, a full-time clinical professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, highlighted the criminal justice partnership in a TedxMileHigh presentation in June — watch the segment by clicking here: TedxMileHigh-KimGorgens Presentation