MINDSOURCE hosted a celebration of the TBI Trust Fund on August 18, 2017. The Lakewood Cultural Center was the location for the event which drew 125 attendees. Highlights of the event included the new name and logo launch for MINDSOURCE – Brain Injury Network, a personal testimony from Michael Collins, Colorado Springs, the Theresa Hernandez Trust Fund Community Award received by Russha Knauer from the Department of Judicial, and the Leadership in Brain Injury Award received by Judy Dettmer, Director of MINDSOURCE.


Moments from the event captured by videographer, Jacob Fillmore

Mark Wester
Mark Wester, director of the Office of Community Access & Independence at the Colorado Department of Human Services, opened up the presentation at the 15-year TBI Trust Fund celebration on August 18th.

Russha Knauer and Judy Dettmer
Russha Knauer, recipient of the Theresa Hernandez Trust Fund Community Award, along with Judy Dettmer, director of MINDSOURCE.

Gary Nygaard, Regina Rodriguez and Judy Dettmer
Gary Nygaard (left) and MINDSOURCE contracts manager, Regina Rodriguez (right), delivered the 2018 Leadership in Brain Injury Award to Judy Dettmer.