MINDSOURCE awards grants in Colorado to support research related to the treatment and understanding of brain injury. MINDSOURCE seeks to facilitate the acquisition and advancement of new knowledge regarding brain injury, to improve the evidence base upon which the care of persons with brain injury is predicated, and to encourage the development and growth of the brain injury research field in Colorado.

MINDSOURCE RESEARCH GRANTS FY 2019 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019)

MINDSOURCE is committed to supporting research about brain injury.  For the upcoming Fiscal Year 2019 MINDSOURCE has awarded four grants that total approximately $730,000 to fund research grants to University of Colorado and Craig Hospital.

MINDSOURCE will announce new research grant funding opportunities for State Fiscal Year 2020 in the fall of 2019.

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Community Grants – MINDSOURCE offers grant opportunities to Colorado organizations and individuals for the promotion of education, awareness, and community projects that offer innovative training approaches to professionals, parents, survivors, families and the general community about brain injury.

MINDSOURCE is funding many community grant initiatives for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2019, therefore, MINDSOURCE will not be accepting community grant applications in March of 2018 for the Colorado State Fiscal Year 2019.  Please click here to sign up for our newsletter were we will announce any upcoming MINDSOURCE Grant opportunities.

MINDSOURCE is committed to providing education about brain injury to the community.  For the upcoming Fiscal Year 2019 MINDSOURCE has committed over $400,000 to fund education opportunities through state contracts, conference related education, community grants and hundreds hours of education and training provided by the MINDSOURCE administrations staff to support groups, non-profit organizations, hospital staff, state personnel, and etc.  If you would like to request brain injury related training for your organization please complete the contact form.

FY 2019 Community Grantees:

Regents of the University of Colorado
Summit Medical Center Health Foundation
ThinkFirst, Mountain Clinics
Helmet Heads 
Spring Inst. for Intercultural Learning
3rd Way, Center, Inc.
BrainCare, a program of Rocky  Mountain Health Care Services
Domestic Violence Initiative (DVI)
Regents of the University of Colorado